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Woman Bite Man’s Penis Off

March 24, 2009

This is my mouth by the way from one of my private kinky collages, so men remember, i can bite too

This is my mouth by the way from one of my private kinky collages, so men remember, i can bite too

A Russian woman bit her husbands penis off after he cheated on her with her best friend. Pppfffff must have really hurt man. Good thing darling. I’ll bite his balls off too lol lol!!. Now you can make him into a pussy and get boobs and feel what it is like to be cheated on by other men.
Katya Kharitovonova (36) and Mikhail (40) invited their best girlfriend Liza to their house for dinner and a film. How cool, popcorn, nice wine and fireplace. Oops gotten too warm and cosy i think. So whilst watching “war of the worlds” Katya fell into sleep and Liza ended up in Mikhail’s arms. Well he took the initiative i heard. How dare you?? In front of your wife?? C’mon man wake up.
Anyway when Katya woke up she found the two in a steamy position performing oral sex. “Mmmnnn yummy yummy”, they must have thought. She was then oh so furios with rage and gave Liza a hard smack with a heavy standing lamp making her bleed and scream in pain. Then she dived like Aeon Flux into Mikhail’s crouch and bit his penis off. Ouch ouch for him!! But still i say go girl!! You did the right thing to this horny bugger.
Even though she did all of this, she still was so kind enough to call the ambulance for them. Now what did you do that for? Now he won’t have a pussy and suffer like you did and be cheated on too. Mikhail’s penis was in fact sewn up on time.
Good lesson Good Girlpower!! I love you darling now go bite him again cause it’s stiched back and dangling. I’ll give you a penis trophy with teeth on it so you can show it off to your other girlfriends and neighbour wives ok.
Anyway Katya i’m afraid is now awaiting sentencing. We are talking about 2 years i think. Did they drink vodka before that? Just plead insane and you will be fine darling.

Why do men cheat and get into all of this drama instead of just staying singel and fucking anyone they want who is also singel?? Beats me. I thought men and woman these days turned into internet cheating instead of sleeping with their husbands and wives bestfriend in their own house. I am monogomous in a relationship but i do like flirting because men flirt with me and that’s kinda nice. It only spices up your own sex life with your partner if you have one but me cheating around no way. This is so cruel even these days to have sex in your own house, own bed cheat your partner with best friend or and think it’s ok. How can men and woman trust each other after this?? I remember Bobitt something you too??
It happened to me also and i turned into an aggresive witch. I threw stuff at them and broke the wine glasses at their feet and scared the hell out of them. They shouted out loud and screamed for Godsake:” Jen please don’t do that please please, forgive us!!” My ass what about my feelings. I then took their clothes and poured paraffin over it and fired it up. I then raced them out of the appartement and left them out in the cold to freeze to death. Good thing don’t fuck with me i’ll blast you off. Be aware future dates and my monogamous future husband, stay clean only lick my pussy you get it??


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  1. jack carty permalink
    May 15, 2014 04:59

    please bite my cock off,if your in the boston area 617-637-7725

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